Delivering Project Excellence

June 5-7, 2006

Resort and Spa


The inauguration of the Delivering Project Excellence Conference in June marked the return of QUALITY to the PM conference space. The event evaluations provided solid testimony that today's Project Executives are hungry for transformational learning in the leadership, communications and professional skills areas, while also insisting on top flight presentations in these core competency interest areas: PMO, Project Performance, IT Governance, Six Sigma, Risk Management, Security, and Portfolio Management. The 2005 attendees voted with their evaluations indicating that 100% would return, for a similarly high-octane program, in June, 2006

The Resort
Scottsdale Resort  Conference Center

Scottsdale Resort Spa
and Conference Center

This Fantastic Conference Resort Package includes Room and daily meals. This conference center setting provides an elevated networking experience for Attendees, Sponsors and Speakers. Amenities include onsite restaurants, two swimming pools, tennis courts, 7 mile running trail, fitness center and full service Spa and Salon.

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Special Programs


The Standish Group sent a wake up call to US enterprises in ’95 when they predicted that US firms would scrap $8B in IT projects. Their findings on the causes and remedies for Challenged Projects became the most widely circulated statistics in the IT world. But now Jim Johnson, Founder, has concluded that Standish’s past contributions have been incremental, but not transformational. In his Keynote, he will unveil what The 5 Deadly Sins of Project Management are, and how if mastered will result in “escape velocity” improvements.

Women Only Post Conference Seminar

Women-only post-conference Free seminar presented by Sue Hodgkinson, CEO, The Personal Brand Company

Everyone should be concerned about their brand,but women face additional hurdles in making their brand work for them. This Post-Conference workshop unteaches some of the deeply held lessons that are part of women's socialization. In this interactive session, new and helpful terms will emerge---Brandbuilders, Reach and Frequency, and Optimistic Leader's Point of View. Feedback will take on a more powerful meaning as Hodgkinson discusses getting personally ready for giving/getting feedback, and understanding that feedback is crucial to ongoing development.


Keynote Speakers

Brian Muirhead: High Velocity PM: Faster, Better, Cheaper

NASA's Brian Muirhead is the "Poster Child" for successful Project Management. As Chief Engineer of the Jet Propulsion Laboratories, he was PM for both the successful Mars Pathfinder Program, and the Deep Impact Mission this summer, when a rocket was fired to intercept and hit a comet. No wonder he has won NASA's Outstanding Leadership Medal. Plus, he had to accomplish these goals under NASA's new dictate of Faster, Better, Cheaper.Read Bio

Sue Hodgkinson: Managing Your Leadership Brand

Everyone has a brand. You either manage it or it manages you. Your brand is your operative reputation---how you live in the hearts and minds of others. Never thought about it? Time to think about it! What is your Brand Signature? Sue Hodgkinson, CEO of The Personal Brand Company, will review the 5 components that make up your brand package. Other people know your Brand and they are either Building it or Busting it!! Read Bio

John Clemens: The Leadership Kaleidoscope

In this no-lecturing-allowed 2 hour workshop, attendees view carefully selected cinematic leadership "moments of truth", each of which catalyzes an energetic discussion about the nature of leadership. From 12 O 'clock High and Citizen Kane to the Matrix, provocative leadership insights are discussed in the give-and-take that produces fresh insights and results in changed leadership behavior. Read Bio


Christine Cashen: Difficult People Are Not Difficult... They Are Just Different!!

Christine Cashen is a magical personality that will captivate you while dishing out valuable solutions to tricky workplace situations. She even-handily pokes fun at both men and women, while offering insights on dealing with difficult personalities. For instance, she nails the troubling passive aggressive co-worker in your organization. She also offers humor as an antidote to the psychological flimflam of the world of projects, and her counsel for us not to be too hard on ourselves are welcome words. She knows your pain! She’s married to a Project Manager! Read Bio

Earn PDU's

Attend DPE and earn Up To 20.5 PDUs!

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A First in Conferences!

Martin Davidson:

Conference Chief
Learning Office

The addition of a Chief Learning Officer for the DPE Conference was applauded for being the glue that brought all the concepts together and helped drive the accountability of attending the conference. Professor Martin Davidson from the University of Virginia's Darden School will be on hand for the 3 days serving in the role of Chief Learning Officer. But, in this case, he will not only be synthesizing content, but he will be summarizing, from what he hears and overhears, what is central and crucial in the lives of the attending Project Executives. Read Bio

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The Twin Themes


One of our themes is "Getting your Arms around the Competencies." The leisurely draped tentacles of the octopus are a symbol of the 21st Century Project Managers' dilemma of having to get their arms around the complexity, problems, governmental issues that comprise large projects. There are simply not enough arms to go around!! But, this conference will deal with an armful of those competencies---seven to be exact---so attendees can grab hold and master them. BUT, last June attendees encouraged us to accentuate an added theme that reflects their demand for more Transformation Leadership Learning.


What is Transformational Learning?


It's learning that results in Changed Behavior in the workplace and at home.

Transformational Learning delivers on the promise that conference take-aways will travel and result in actions at home and in the workplace. It's Learning that confirms the old adage: "I change when I see it myself, rather than when someone else tells me to change. It can't be done via guidebooks, self-paced teaching or peer instruction. Only Professional Speakers, in an appropriate learning environment, can accomplish this. This is why it's appropriate to have Twin Themes to cover both education on the requisite Core Competencies, and Transformational Learning in the Leadership and Professional Skills areas.

Accentuating Our Octopus Symbol


The octopus is renowned for its curiosity and resourcefulness. Two characteristics they share with top notch Project Executives. The famed Steuben Glass Company has recently announced the octopus as a new entry in their Artful Animals collection. A lucky paid attendee will have this Artful Animal grace their home or office. The Winner will be chosen by a drawing at the conclusion of the Conference's Closing Keynote.

NEW! Conference Concierge Services

Powerful match-making between sponsors/exhibitors and attendees, personal individual coaching of attendees by selected speakers--a first for PM conferences and only possible in a Conference Center setting.